Social dancing or comps?

Yes, we do run WSDC comps... But, only on Saturday! The rest of the weekend we focus more on the social part and having a good time. Dance, learn, party, etc. 

Levels and auditions?

We support individual choice through self awareness and will not have any large scale auditions. The majority of the workshops will be leveled but open for everyone.

Solo class initiative

We feel that sometimes we forget how crucial our individual dance skills are to WCS. So every year at UTS we will be bringing a few more solo classes for inspiration and growth...

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Who we are?

The UTS crew is basically a group of passionate volunteers led by event director and promoter Ibirocay Regueira. Like any event, it's not a one man show, quite the opposite. This weekend would not be able to take place without the people that support it. Not only do we have our instructor lineup, but there's also staff behind the registration desk, the DJ booth, all admin leading up to the event, sound and lighting, etc. There are so many bits and pieces that need to fall into place that we feel it's important to mention how crucial all the work that all these individuals put in, not only during, but also before and after the event!

Welcome to UpTown Swing!

Do I need a partner to register?
- Not necessarily. But if you don't have one, once you register you will be put on a waiting list until we find a partner of the opposite dance role. So even after you register, we do recommend you to try and find someone. Registrations with a partner will have priority and be guaranteed a spot right away.
Are there any discounts available?
Yes, we do offer a couple discount for those who register with a partner. Also, if you are competing in the All-Star division we offer the full pass for free in exchange for judging assistance. Note that this is only available for the first 6 leaders/followers who wish to help.
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