For this event we have both partner registration (discounted from the single registration price) and single registration. However, if you register without a partner you will automatically be put on a waiting list until next person of the opposite dance role registers. All who register with a partner will have priority and be guaranteed a spot directly upon registration. Payment info at the bottom of the page!

Full Pass Information

The amount of full passes at a discounted rate will be limited. There are 100 passes total per price range, 60 for the Nordic Regions (Residents in Sweden, Finland, Norway, Denmark and Iceland) and 40 for the International (All others). This means there are only 25 passes per dance role in each category. If we sell out all 4 categories in one of the regions, you'll be able to buy passes from the other at DUCKLING rate.

World region (Couple)
World region (Single)
Nordic region (Couple)
Nordic region (Single)
Price range
1000 SEK p/p
1200 SEK
1200 SEK p/p
1400 SEK p/p
1200 SEK p/p
1400 SEK
1400 SEK p/p
1600 SEK p/p
1400 SEK p/p
1600 SEK
1600 SEK p/p
1800 SEK p/p
1600 SEK p/p
1800 SEK
1800 SEK p/p
2000 SEK p/p

To register with a partner you will need: Full name, email adress and country of residence for both you and your partner

Note: The system will give you a cue if there are available spots left. Please don't start a registration if the light is colored red

Also If you can't see the link for your tier and region is because that early bird level is already sold out and the link has been removed to not cause any confusion. Keep using the links following the descriptions in the table above.

Boka aktiviteter och artiklar Bank info - International transfers (including, Finland, Norway, Denmark & Iceland)

Account number 5398 11 047 06
Address SEB, 106 40 Stockholm
Account holder Ibirocay Regueira

If you are a Swedish resident, just use the bankgiro sent in the confirmation email together with the correct OCR number

Couple discount 200 SEK per person from the single price - Available at every price level for both Nordic and International region!

All Stars free* - Available to the first 10 registrations (5 leaders + 5 follows),* In exchange for judging assistance