Our staff

We have a team of amazing instructors and support staff! Each and everyone of them with their own unique set of skills and will to bring the best energy possible to the event. Obviously our main instructors are the core essence of the weekend but we are using this page to also highlight some of the people that are not always visible behind the scenes!

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team1 Sean & Courtney

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team2 Hugo & Stacy

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team3 Michael Kielbasa

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team4 Irina Puzanova

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Sean McKeever & Courtney Adair

Sean McKeever and Courtney Adair’s partnership extends beyond the dance floor and is rooted in their love for one another. They began dating in 2010 and started their partnership in West Coast Swing within the next year. An engagement followed 2 years later. They have spent the last 6 years together, traveling, training, teaching and competing, to become one of the most established and prolific couples in swing. Over this time they have accrued numerous national titles in strictly swing and jack and jill competitions, several awards on the NASDE circuit, and consistent top placements as one of the world’s top Classic Swing Division couples. They are most well known for their innovative and intellectual teaching, approachable and social attitudes, and unique interpretation of traditional West Coast Swing.

Hugo Miguez & Stacy Kay

Hugo and Stacy are renowned worldwide for precision, variety, and teaching methods within West Coast Swing. They reside in sunny Clearwater, Florida, hosting weekly classes every Tuesday. Since 2011, they have taken the circuit by storm with their Classic Routines and are re-defining the learning process of the dance world. Hugo and Stacy travel nationally and internationally as competitors, judges, and choreographers for numerous events and competitions; working with top professionals in many different dance styles distinctly furthering their own education and pedagogy. Both continue to share their passion for dance and enjoy working with all levels. Their philosophy is to introduce and foster fresh, comprehensive dance knowledge for their students by giving more of themselves within every experience.

Part of our story

WCS history!

SSSC became the first event in Sweden to host Robert Royston intensives...

The big move!

The event was held during mid summer for the last time before moving to August for 2016...

New direction!

The organizers Odd and Eva decide to pass on the managing of SSSC to it's new ED, Ibirocay Regueira...

Name Change!

The brand and name Swedish Swing Summer Camp is changed to... UpTown Swing!

Speaking of history... If you want to take a trip down memory lane, you should check out this video from the early days of SSSC, when the first Royston intensive took place at the Scandic Infra City. Video filming and editing - Piotr Lenart

Video clip!